About me and my blog

So many a time I chat to friends and colleagues the consensus among us is all the negatives about parenthood, how hard it is how life will never be the same ect ect I’m sure we’ve all heard about it. Usually I’d be the header of these conversations until recently my life has changed completely ….

I’m your average 34 year old mom of two, married 8 years with my husband for over 15 years leading a normal average life. I finished school and took a gap year thinking what the hell I was going to do.

I have amazing parents who’ve always been the involved supportive not pushy parents let us explore our own paths and helped everytime we failed.

My dad stumbled upon my first proper job asking the owner of school if I could attend one day and see what it was like to be a teacher. Little did I know that was the start to a beautiful journey.

I’ve always had a passion for teaching and being involved with children as I find their innocence and genuine untouched personalities contagious.

I was hired and studied and became a Montessori directress getting my first distinction ever.

So obviously I found my niche, through breakups, weddings, make ups, pregnancies,buying homes,selling homes and having babies I stayed in my little bubble building many many memorable years at a place I call my home!

Life was easy I was a working mom had the best of both worlds work in the morning and being with my children in the afternoon what’s more perfect right ?

Well that all had to somewhere change and actually is why I’ve started this blog. To tell of all my experiences of being a mom and how it’s changed my life for the better !! How


I will come back to all the loose ends above but first from the beginning of when I became the one thing every little girl role plays some time in their life A MOM!

The day I found out I was pregnant…

My partner and I had been married for over a year and felt the pressure of having our first child! All the different advice we got on how there is never a right time to start a family …

or would you rather not travel first ?

Or should you not buy a home first ?

Omg the list could go on but deep down after 9 years of teaching little souls I longed for one I could call my own.

Our little battle in the beginning gave me mixed emotions why am I not pregnant why can’t I fall pregnant and while doubt always raised its ugly head with a little help from above we were pregnant finally and expecting our first baby.

The day had finally arrived we got to meet our son for the very first time a moment I will never forget how I took back every little word I uttered before this child was born. Everything had changed my life had changed forever I was totally in love and set up on my journey as a mother and little did I know this is exactly where my life had started as many think marriage and children is where it ends it’s actually the beginning.

Not knowing where to start or where to look for advice we coped through all the beginning stages how I wish now i had savored them a little more. It really does go fast so all the newborn mommies I know it’s hard the late nights the long days it passes and your baby grows and you can’t get that back!

Of course Mother Nature has it’s evil way of making all those hard times forgotten and we do it again yip I was blessed to be a mom again with a beautiful baby girl and trust me number two is a game changer.

The second one comes packed with attitude, sass and much much more!

The joys of motherhood with two or more, I always say God only gives us what we can handle and God definitely must think very highly of me.

Was I the only mom going crazy during suicide hour,

The only mom with two terrors?

The only mom who walked around like a zombie?

Nope I wasn’t talking to other mommies and being apart of mom support groups really helped in understanding that this journey is led by many it’s how we choose to travel it that counts!

So yes my children have changed my life completely, they are the most unpredictable little beings ever and the one common thread me and millions of women all over the world share!

Shit being a mom is hard work on its own never mind throwing in







And everything else a mom juggles!

So up until recently I was that working mom trying to hold it all together. Where everyday passed felt like another level to the game of life I had completed! I love being a mom who am I if I’m not a mom? Every milestone is one to be cherished but each age comes more and more mountains to climb. Friends ask me does it get easier? I don’t think it does I just think we learn to cope better!

So this brings us to the present,

Being a mom of two a son of 6 and daughter of nearly 4, I thought I had it in the bag work, wife and mom.

I don’t and I can admit that so where people feel their lives start at 40 I feel mine started at MOM and this is where my journey has brought me to sharing all my day to day experiences with you all.

Since I was juggling more than I could handle a choice cAme my way one that involved my whole little unit !

I’ve been a Montessori teacher for nearly 15 years and have managed to play mom at home and mom at work fine until now. I had to make a choice that challenged everything I thought about being a mom!

Carry on working but put my kids in after care? Which was something I never wanted as I spent all my years without my working mom!

Or take the leap and try start something on my own to be my own boss be in control of my own life be there for my kids when they are sick or when they have sports and need their mom, work on myself and challenge my body and mind to setting new goals, have the time for me and them I’ve never had. Sounds so easy but it was the biggest decision ever as I would be giving up what I know what I love and letting down those who’ve I’ve grown with! But it’s time this Mommy takes life by the horns and with the support of my other half this is the leap I’ve decided to take!

Please join me in my journey and everyday trials and tribulations of being a Mommy heading to 40 and trying to get my life, body and mind in line I call myself a Mommy in progress!

All the things I want to do,

But all the people I have to first say goodbye too closing a chapter in my life and starting a new one,

It’s exciting, scary, going to be different and it’s going to involve a lot of change something I’m not used to.

All I pray is that the universe chooses the right path for me. It’s the first time in my life I’m doing something so big for me that is but for my children. Let’s go along this journey together,

I’ve always dreamed to get into shape and doing a Pilates course but never had the time, always dreamed to be one of those soccer mommies who’ve got it under control let’s see if I can do it along with all the normal days craziness I’m looking forward it!! Hopefully we can share all our experiences and help each other along the way ! Whilst loving the joys of motherhood, because


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