Some Montessori ideas for home

Ideas for at home

It’s quite easy to incorporate any of these activities at home with a little preparation. Think about which items the child will need and have them at the ready, only put out a small amount (eg just a small amount of butter for spreading in a small dish), and be there to step in to help out when needed.

Some ideas for at home:

1 Any of the above ideas from the classroom

2 Helping with the washing – bringing things to the washing basket, putting clothes in and out of the washing machine, adding soap, sorting washing

3 Getting dressed and undressed – provide just as much help as necessary and provide clothing that is easy for the child to learn to master

4 Help with breakfast – have a container with a scoop in it for them to serve their own cereal; add a small jug of milk on the breakfast table; setting the table

5 Help with lunch – have a small amount of items where the child can serve themselves, for example, some slices of bread or rice crackers with various toppings or spread; the child may wish to help wash up

6 Help with dinner – preparing vegetables (look for implements suitable for small hands) and salad; setting the table; washing up

7 Getting ready for visitors – making the beds, getting a towel, tidying away toys

8 Trips to the grocery store

9 Baking

All these will give the child the sense of self accomplishment and most of independence

Obviously there are times that it may cause more of a mess than the actual task being completed but mess is good.

If the child does mess use that in itself as an activity

E.g The watering can is full and the child spills whilst watering the plants: stop there explain these things happen ask the child what would we do now ?

They will probably answer and say they would clean up the spill.

Have a spill cloth handy show them how and continue to finish the original task.

Each day let them carry out these certain tasks in the home and soon you will see how independent and proud your little one will become.

It is also a good idea to see what kind of tasks are aimed at what age here’s a brief look;

If needing more inspiration visit themontessorinotebook website such fun and exciting ideas to put into our classes and homes

Hope this has helped and given some inspiration to add little “chores” into our everyday lives.

Ones the entire family can do all ages can contribute too 🌸

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