Goodbye is not the end

Along my motherhood journey I’ve met a lot of people, taught many personalities and been introduced to many many beautiful families along the way.

More than all the experience-I’ve made true friends and people I call my family. The colleagues I’ve worked with have come and gone aiding in every stage of my life. When I got married I had my strength my friend the person I aspired to one day be by my side. This amazing women I call my sister has played the most influential part in my life. The respect and love I have for this person who’s shaped me into all I am today will forever remain. Being apart of another family and their lives I will forever be grateful.

How does one end a journey like this ?

The most amazing people I work with how does one say goodbye?

I’ve been made a sister and apart of something that will carry on to be so beautiful. How lucky those are who come across any of their paths ❤️

15 years of walking into the same place feeling at home and being somewhere where I’m loved and appreciated has come to an end. How does one move on? I know change is better than a holiday but what if you don’t need a holiday! How do you switch off the emotions that have taken 15 years to grow and how do you move on from the many many memories that make you who you are??

Well this is the start of my journey to do exactly that. Get out of my comfort zone and become someone that I never had when I was younger.

As hard as leaving is, it’s not goodbye. How I pray I’ll always be connected to each and everyone of these little souls and the beautiful people I work with.

One of the many sacrifices I’m giving for my children to be a better mom, wife and hopefully a better me inside and out when given the time to transform myself.

Saying goodbye is so hard so I prefer not to say goodbye but to say till the next time.

Children are so resilient and as I will be longing for their loves and hugs they will carry on into their new routines and forget. I love that about children.

I know they’re in the best hands possible and watching the people around me grow and mould into the amazing teachers they are has been an absolute blessing. Memories that will never fade nor be forgotten.

So for now a Mommy in progress; starting my journey as being a full full time mom to my children and finding a new niche that works for me and my family.

Excited and nervous, scared and hesitant is how I’m going in, but having the faith in the universe to create a path as it did before. I’m needing to feel confident this is what will transpire.

Embrace change and reap the rewards life has to bring.

Emotions are what makes us who we are and every little soul that’s been in my world has made me who I am and made me a better mom. Blessed beyond I’ll never forget every step, every memory, every lesson learnt, to pull up my big girl panties and grow up,

Without my support system at work and around my home it’s going to make this a complete personal journey as I have to put my everything into it. Thank goodness for my immediate family my two gorgeous children and my wonderful husband: how I couldn’t live each day without them, they push me to be all I am.

I can and will……

Saying goodbye to teaching is like saying goodbye to one of my children as this door closes my chapter is written and a new one shall start.

I will never forget what started my passion and kept me loving doing what I do.

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