Why children should rule the world

Well it’s not like they don’t already ??

No, I mean why children should be in charge ..

Their innocence

So what’s always drawn me to children is their pure innocence. The longer a child has that the longer they’re children. The notation of innocence refers to their simplicity their lack of knowledge that keeps them thinking that cats can talk and men can fly and of course that every girl can marry a prince. Imagine living day to day with believing this is your future how amazing life would be how happy life would be. Their innocence which is so pure and unspoiled from our everyday ventures. Imagine waking up and the biggest decision we had was what we were going to wear or which colour cup we would be drinking from, pure untouched innocence.

Children don’t see imperfections or differences

This is my favorite, unless brought up otherwise from an early age, children do not distinguish differences between colour, shape, size or any imperfections we have. They acknowledge it with love and curiosity. It’s us who teaches them all these things and whilst doing it how careful we have to be. I remember growing up our domestic workers’ daughter and I were best friends I never saw colour I never knew that we were different, we were taught that. Imagine waking up and everyone was the same, we had nothing to prove nothing to fight over and nothing to loose or gain …. the world would be our oyster!

They are fearless

Are you scared of spiders, heights, strangers, cars ect ect ect ???

Well we’ve all been taught these fears. From an early age we are yelling at our children, “don’t touch the dog, he might bite” or ” don’t play with spiders, they are dangerous” or running around the house climbing high on furniture when there’s a little mouse loose, while your 2 year old remains calm hysterically laughing at you. We were taught these fears and because of fear we don’t take risk. We remain in what we know for the fear of the unknown or “known” that is. Well if children were in charge the world would be a fearless place to live. Fear wouldn’t be instilled to have better behaved children. I know I often instill fear to stop my children from doing certain things. Is this fair though? Totally getting them to understand the fear of certain dangers, like running into a busy road, or not touching something that is hot, or to hold you close in busy places, I believe this is educating on fear and not instilling it. Imagine how more productive the world would be if we were fearless adults.

They love with no boundary

I admire the way children love. Fight with me today but tomorrow I love you again. Imagine a world where hate was never a word. Where we we never held grudges. Where everyday was a new bright day and the turmoils of yesterday disappeared when the sun set. Where we never fought with our neighbor and harbored bad thoughts. Imagine a world where butterflies and roses ruled. How easy life would be. How fun life would be. How beautiful life would be. I admire the way children idolize their care givers and how they hang on every word their mother or father whispers. Mabey our world wouldn’t revolve without goals of power, wealth and respect but how those exact things have destroyed our very world too. This is the quality we all once possessed and it should be protected for as long as it can.

Children’s imagination

It’s always pure pleasure watching children play. How they can create, make and imagine out of nothing. A huge pirate ship on the rough seas sailing away like there’s no tomorrow. If I could wake up each day with the enthusiasm children have to create their scenarios how exciting would our days be. How fantasy and creativity should never be taken away from children, but it should inspire us not to be as rigid and structured as we are. Where time doesn’t matter and deadlines do not exist. How stress free our days would be. We would live longer, happier and more colorful lives.

Seeing the world through the eyes of children cannot only give us a new perspective on life but humble us back to where we started.

This is why I believe if children ruled the world and not be taught to be quiet, seen and not heard our world would be a better place. We can learn a lot from watching them play, interact and solve daily problems. If children ruled over would our world not be a safer, happier more delightful place to be? But back to reality that’s not the way the world works but to keep our children in their worlds for as long as we can is the best thing we can do for them. To keep them out of adult problems and away from the horrid big bad world. Yes one day they will have to learn but for now join in, act like a child for a day and remember what kept our lives so simple. Let them create, make way for their growth and support their dreams wether they are realistic or not. There is more than enough time for children to grow up than to rip their innocence from early ages and forcing them to grow up and act accordingly. Savor these moments as they do not last forever, and most of all protect this very innocence it’s the most important quality a child possesses. Bring out the kid in you today!

Warm wishes with something to think about 😜