Living with fear

So with all the crazy things that are happening around the world and even more so in our own country it’s very difficult to feel safe and positive that things will change.

Before I was a mom, these things I never worried about. We never thought stories we heard could be true, or that something sinister could be behind them. I’m sure we’ve all got a story of how we’ve gotten lost when we were younger, or running around in panic looking for a sibling who wondered off. The thought of this happening today is scary. Your lost sibling is probably the effect of something more sinister.

Things we only saw in movies, or heard from distant countries are now happening right before our eyes.

Among all the worries a parent had these days this specific topic has my heart racing and my anxiety at its worst. Yes we shouldn’t believe all we see on social media and the news but let’s be honest there is some truth to what we see and panic can be instilled in a second.

So the worries I once had of “I hope my children get through school ok”

“I hope we can provide for them”

“I pray their hearts are never broken”

“I only wish they never get hurt or break a bone”

Or “I hope they are someone someday”

These worries have all been clouded over by “I pray my children will never be taken from me”

Yes we moms are paranoid but now there is reason to be. Children are being kidnapped, not just babies, but just toddlers, not just teenagers or just adults every age, size, shape and colour.

I don’t know about other moms but with the normal fears we live with in South Africa the normal violent crime we face everyday we now need to be petrified someone will try and take our children.

Running through the mall with my 3 year old daughter has never been more daunting, with her happy smiling face and skipping legs how things could change in a second.

From appreciating every moment we have together with her being a toddler I feel myself wishing she was an adult and could understand these dangers. I find myself I wreck just going to the shops. Making sure she’s close on me holding onto her tightly, making sure she’s aware of the danger that could happen any moment. I find myself trying to instill as much fear as I can so she has the fear of never running off or going with a stranger.

This I know is no way to live, and people will say if you choose to live like this you’re sabotaging yourself, but how can another mom not feel this fear when you watch on tv a mom pleading for her son to come home,

I loved my little bubble I once lived in,

I know the only thing to do is be prepared,

Be vigilant like everyone says watch your children,

We do! I may have let them play far from me now I feel like I’m ripping every independent step I’ve ever taught them watching them like a hawk.

I feel importantly that us as South Africans and moms all over do owe it to our children and ourselves to be educated and prepared in this manner. As the world starts heading into hard times and crime is at its highest we need to know we’ve taken steps to trying to keep ourselves as well as our loved ones safe.

I’ve been in a restaurant where I’ve picked up a child who has wondered from their mom crying taken them all over and find the parents having a great time not even knowing that their child has gone. Yes it’s happened to me so I am not judging but with us all being a little more aware of our precious ones where abouts may just save a little life, this is highly important right now.

Many will leave to seek a safer place to live but the reality for many of us is there is no where to go. This is our home and I only pray that things will turn around.

The fear of going to sleep and wondering if tom with our children will still be. It kills me and although we shouldn’t live like this it’s a reality for me as a mom. I honestly don’t know how I will cope in their teenage years being able to trust others with them or even trust the places they go. I guess every step is a new learning curve and yes we cannot stop the inevitable but we can try prevent it.

I now have bought myself a taser for the car as even just stopping at the robot in broad daylight has become a time of panic for some.

As long as their is poverty there will be crime. I pray in the future us as South Africans can stand together and fight this. We can only pray for our children’s safety and be prepared when the unthinkable happens.

Mabey living in fear is what keeps us safe as our guard is always up.

Stay safe and be aware. Be vigilant and educate our children of the dangers that lay before them. Report things you see, share missing children’s posts. More than anything build a relationship with your children that they tell you everything even in their not talking teen years. There is so many scary harsh realities out there but I do not want to be a statistic. Make sure you are not either.

Warm wishes xxx

One thought on “Living with fear

  1. Times are very different than 30 years ago. There is more sick people in the world now and with how easy it is to gain access to internet web pages, child pornography and human trafficking are in great demand. Parents must be vigilant with their children every minute and don’t get fooled by “Uncle xxxx is such a nice man, he gave me sweets”. It is very sad but a lot of abuse cases are from family, friends and someone the child knows.

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