Friends are important

As every Mommy needs time out away from her kids, even if it’s a 20 min hot bath they too need to have friends.

Other Mommy friends who can identify with you, support you and most of all to share experiences and gain advices from. Nothing better knowing you’re not alone and you’re not the only one loosing your shit at 17:00 suicide hour. Best of all it’s great to be needed for all those things too. Sometimes just merely a cup of coffee between friends is the only therapy one needs.

Growing with friends

Having that special friend, friends or group of friends is very important for a Mommy (or any girl for that matter) but having positive people in your life can truly be beneficial for you as a person or family.

I know growing up I had tons of “friends” who I would literally die for, but after leaving school our priorities changed, we changed and we grew up. Those friends who disappeared when you fell pregnant were they worth it, the friends who only stuck around when times were fruitful, were they worth it ? Or those who only chose to visit when it suited them, back then I’d do anything for my friends or those I thought were my friends. Were they worth it, I think not! The true test is LIFE. Those who stick around through life, good, bad, happy and sad those are true friends and let me tell you I only have a handful of genuine special people in my life that will forever be my friends. Gone are the days I’d “die” for the people I thought were my friends. Now with our daily lives and stresses we need to keep these good wholesome people close to us. I truly do believe the universe brings us together for a reason and I know no matter what we will stay friends for life.

I do thank my lucky stars I have people like this in my life as they are what motivates us to better in our own lives. Every special women I know and call my friend are amazing in every way and I sometimes don’t know how they hold it together yet SUPER moms and people they are. Doing things I only wished I had the guts to do. People that forever will keep the circle going around.

It’s important to form these networks as moms and in our later years as the more support you have the easier it is to climb the mountains of life. It’s also a lot more fun spending time with true genuine people than “fake” people who often creep into our lives.

This is a shout out to all those amazing women I know. I love you, I respect you and hold our friendship dear.

Thank you for being you !!

I only pray my children find the bonds I have found.

Best wishes xxx

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