Fear of change

The word change itself is scary for me. I hate change. I love living in my own made bubble. Here you know what to expect, there’s no unpredictability. It’s safe and comfortable.

Some say this is when you should change. You should change jobs atleast every two years. Keep yourself stimulated and motivated. When you’re to comfortable you don’t grow within.

Yes as the above may be true I’m sure I’m among many who are just happy with the way things are. Happy to carry on each day doing your bit and meeting your daily goals. Happy with the best minimum. But this I’ve learnt is no way to stay. That putting yourself out there. Vulnerability is only going to overcome you if you allow it. Wear your heart on your sleeve, dong change who you are but remember where you started and why you changed the life you had with the one which is standing in front of you. Don’t go backwards only forwards.

What if life had a different story for you? Would you read it? Would you take the plunge and risk yourself by committing to change, even though it’s scares you senseless, some say this is apart of the adventure. Change is as good as a holiday. What if you’re not one to take risks, or holidays?

Well life has very quickly painted me a picture I’m not very familiar with. It makes me anxious and nervous but somewhere inside a little excited the future may be bright.

I’m writing a new chapter and taken the plunge to start something new. Sir Richard Branson once said;” If you get offered something you cannot refuse but do not know how to do it, take it and learn later”

So I guess I’ll be following that mans words of wisdom and put myself head to head with change.

Remembering where I’ve come from who is depending on me and the person I am, I’m believing this path the universe is making for me is the positive change I need. Trusting in the stars is a dicey one but having your loved ones support is all one needs.

Remembering the memories from the past will only make more memorable ones for the future.

Doing this, taking the leap and praying for a positive outcome.

Mabey change is something not to fear, but it’s the push we need.

Good luck to everyone our there who is facing change and remember we are our own worst enemy once we overcome ourselves the world is there for the taking.

Always warm wishes. Xx

One thought on “Fear of change

  1. It is human nature to fear change. We are creatures of habit. Yet when you speak to anyone who has made a dramastic change in their lives, they all say the cannot understand why they did not do it sooner. Embrace change and change will embrace you.


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