Moving forward

A better you

The only way to move forward and upward is to gain peace and closure from your past experiences.

Most of us cannot get closure which makes us bitter and twisted and this is what stops the growth within.

By accepting the way the things are and to gain the confidence to know that’s not the way things will be is the only way to move forward and upward.

Leave negativity behind and concentrate on what lies ahead.

If you put all your energy into the things you can change, into the things that are ahead of you and into the people who really love you, wonderful things could happen.

Leave those who wish to hurt you behind. Those who remark behind your back, those who whisper about you, those who actually don’t matter way behind cause that’s exactly where they will forever be: behind you !!

Feed your soul with genuine people, people who only care for your well being, those who carry no jealousy or envy for you, these people will help you grow outside and within.

Mature beginnings are upon you when you surround yourself with positivity and those who inspire you. Think love, light, health and happiness and surely wealth, joy, peace, determination and growth will follow.

Enlighten your spirit with the fruitfulness of life and you’ll be pleasantly surprised what may be in store.

Follow your heart it knows the way.

warm wishes xx

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