Suicide hour

So this is one for all my fellow mommies,

Please tell me I’m not alone in the fight against suicide hour/s.

So when our children are born and as tiny as can be they cry. Right? All babies cry! This uncontrolled crying has been labeled as colic- the direct definition is a baby crying for an amount of hours for no particular reason. As moms we accept this and realize it will one day stop, but does it ? Or is this phenomenon only now disguising itself as something else, and we continue to just give excuses for it. “She must be hungry”

“He might be getting sick”

“Mabey they’re just tired”

At toddler age especially after the age of 5 they can tell you what they are feeling but sometimes they actually just don’t know why?

This we now label as a tantrum!

Ok so we leave them to get over themselves because they cannot get their own way or they’ve gotten upset over something.

Funny how this all usually is most prevalent in the evenings. Just as mom and dad want to get the evening tasks done, homework, bathing, cooking and cleaning up our toddler throws a spanner in the works.

This hour or more before and after bath time when this usually happens is called suicide hour.

No better way to put it. So you pick your munchkin up from school been told about their happy day and how clever they are even accompanied are pictures of your little “angel” smiling and loving life. Wow “what a lovely day you had” you say. The first answer I usually get is “hi Mommy where are we going, can we go to the shop,” and one simple no has started off a string of tantrums in a row. ” “you’ve played all day honey it’s now time to calm down make dinner bath and relax early in bed for another beautiful day”

Omg if only it were that simple??

So our evening usually takes that dreaded turn before bath time,

Begging them to get in, begging them to get out, then begging them to get dressed, more so for my toddler trying to get her to hold still while I dress her.

Once we’ve accomplished that it can be touch and go from here.

“Mom I’m hungry” but at this point we’ve just had dinner cleaned up brushed teeth! ” no angel we’ve eaten already it’s now wind down time” well you can just imagine how well that goes down.

So we are nearly there all this crying surely should make one quite tired right, so not? So now bed time approaches and it’s another act of tears and dramatic efforts to beg mom to add another 5 mins before they need to sleep time. Nope consistency is key so it’s off to bed.

After the bathroom trip a couple of times, the changing of stories a million times, the thousand prayers and water drinking, the lights go off !

A good 15-30 if Lucky it’s complete silence and negotiations wait for a new day.

Wow someone give me a high five we made it!!

That’s how I feel every evening, but setting all these little obstacles aside there is nothing more rewarding and priceless than watching your own baby fast asleep just like an angel, calm, beautiful and asleep!! Luckily for me suicide hour is over! Generally my kids are good sleepers we have our nights of musical beds and I’ve heard stories from friends of kids who are up continuously during the night, but for us it’s now mommies time and this is when I spend my time reflecting on what I could do better the next day.

What can I improve on not only as a mom but as a wife, friend and person.

Life has many many curve balls it throws at us and we may even not know how to dodge them all the time but it’s how we handle the process and then learn from it that truly counts.

Motherhood and parenthood is not for sissies but wouldn’t have it any other way.

Warm wishes all XX

2 thoughts on “Suicide hour

  1. And just as suicide hour passes with babies/toddlers, then you get the teens and here comes sleep deprivation while they are out and about.


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