As any family when it comes to those big decisions it must be a joint effort.

Deciding to say goodbye to my 15 years of teaching and starting life as a mom I must say was the biggest one our family has ever made.

When making this decision even though it being the toughest one yet and one I was quite not ready for at this point I had come to peace with it.

Opportunities started to fly in all over, wow I actually was wanted. But remembering why I decided to try start something from home needed to be my reminder. Actually just being able to be there for my children in any situation is actually why we made this choice and should be the center of any thoughts going forward.

I really do wish there was a crystal ball which we could ask questions into and it told us wether we were going the right way or not.

Financially starting a new job would benefit our family as well as keeping me busy and stimulated. But going back into the same arena I can’t. Something just doesn’t feel right. It may be the only thing I know but maybe that is what got me complacent to begin with.

I need to start working smart and think out of the box and give myself peace of mind that the reasons I’d be doing this is for my children. As already I know there is no perfect job out there but doing what works for our family is where I’m headed.

Taking up a new course might be on the horizon for the new year. But stressing myself out on what if’s is not going to get me anywhere.

I’ve decided to give myself the year to find out what it is my family needs as well as myself. Taking this time not to jump into something so soon as I’m free and giving myself this time to grow emotionally, as well as becoming a better mom, wife and person all round.

Trusting once again in the universe that this is where I’m meant to be and that my path is being paved I am once again confident in this. I know the same equal opportunities will come up, the right ones that suit us all.

Just like finding a home, or school for my children I’ll know it’s right when it comes along.

Obviously trying to also be my own boss and to start something I enjoy from my home would be ideal and this is where my thought process will be going.

Turning down recent opportunities with humility is what I’ll be doing. At times it’s like everything happens all at once or nothing at all. But by giving yourself time is ok.

I will embark on my own physical journey to bettering myself this week and I know a lot more becomes clearer when you are happy inside and out about yourself.

I feel being true to your family and who you are is what is needed to guide you and hopefully the rest falls into place. Putting my journey back into the hands of Angels I’m happy, confident and positive this is the way to go.

Sometimes it might not be what you thought you would be doing with your life, but one thing I’ve realized is happiness is key. Being happy and fulfilled in your work is just as important as being happy in your home and I do believe it is possible.

……. the journey once again continues ……..

Xxxxx warm wishes

6 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. wow…I know it was not easy for you to walk away from 15 years of teaching…but your heart/gut told you it was time…refocus your passion heart joy into something else…first family and whatever else life journey take you…good for you ….I am on the same journey myself …giving up 18 years in early childhood education recently to refocus on my family autism journey….like you mentioned it felt good offers from people wanting you maybe tempting but remembering why you walked away is vital in staying focus….enjoy your year of beautiful discovery…who knows what you may learn…. on the path of discovery too

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    1. Omg 18 years is a very long time too
      Sometimes I realize to myself since my children were born they’ve had to share me with all the other children I called my own and making this choice I knew it was time that I put all my patience, energy and love i give everyday to all the beautiful souls I’ve taught put that into my children. I was also in early childhood development taught 8 years 4-5 years old and my last 7 with the 3-4 year olds it really is the best job ever but so is being a mom so glad to know this crosses many in the same situation, good luck Mommy and all the best on your beautiful journey going forward ❤️

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  2. Ending one era of your life and taking the big step in starting a new one is very traumatic and will create doubt in your mind as to whether this is the right thing to do. But do not give up on your vision, have confidence in yourself and know that at the end of the day your children are your life and not every mom is blessed to be in a postion like you to be able to take this decision and be there 100% for them. We often lose sight of what is important in life.


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