My first born

Trying out a little poetry inspired by my blessings:

From the moment I knew you were there, I felt our connection,

I wanted to give you everything, you were the object of my affection,

Watching you grow has been a journey we share, some nights when you’re asleep I just stop and stare,

You light up my life day in and day out, when we’re apart not a minute passes that I don’t worry about,

Your future, your safety, your education and well being, you’ve given my life new meaning,

Having a son is truly a blessing from above, how can I not fill your days with pure love,

Your stubborn traits and personality mimic mine, which sometimes puts you in situations that are not fine,

I pray only for your happiness, health and a family for you too one day, but until then our home is yours and will be forever when you come to stay,

There’s still so much I need to teach you and show you, together new journeys we will do,

You are kind and gentle to all you meet big or small, I will be here always when you fall,

I encourage you to be true to who are, and I promise you this your humbleness will take you far,

These moments I’ll cherish forever in my heart, as you have been my TRUE love straight from the very start.

Warm wishes xx

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