To my princess

Something for the little lady in my life:

God knew I never had a sister who I could call my best friend, so he sent me you and we have been connected from the beginning and I pray till the end,

Your innocence, soft touch and constant love, kisses and carefree ways, have made me want to freeze these days,

Dressing you up like my little doll in the cutest most precious things, has made even the toughest of days only blessings,

You’ve filled the void that was present before I had you, now there’s nothing for you I wouldn’t do,

Your personality is mix of warrior and princess, and your actions always leave a mess,

But you creep into and melt even the hardest of souls, and your tenderness is even shown to your little dolls,

I’m so excited to share our future memories of all life’s highs and lows, I’ll be here for you even when your friends become foes,

I love your optimistic and easy going attitude, your likable nature would kill any feud,

I thank God for putting you in my life and making me your mommy, I love you even when you don’t want to say sorry,

Stay the little princess you are, and you’ll knock life out the park by far,

I can’t hold you back forever, but I’ll be right behind you every step of the way and leave never,

Never fail Mommy will be here no matter what, even when you feel you’re in a rut,

It’s been an honor to hear your words of Mommy I love you, you can never say this to few,

Now I know why my mommy was always right, as till this day we are are still tight, she’s my best friend now, then and forever will be, I do hope you know all I do will be so one day you to will see,

Be the strong independent women I know you are, I hope your reflection is seen to be the most perfect by far.

Love always to my little girl XX

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