When you’re a mom:

When you’re a mom you learn certain superhero techniques, and also thinking back about a lot of the stuff we used to take for granted, so since becoming a mom I’ve :

New born stage

. Learnt to cope on 3-4 hours sleep

. Learned to sleep with one ear open

. Learned to multi task like an octopus

. Learned to bath in under 5 min

. Learned to nap standing up

. Learned to leopard crawl out the baby’s room without even a sound

Time is probably the biggest thing I took for granted before being a mom, I actually don’t know what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing something for my family,

It scares me for when they don’t need me as much anymore

Toddler phase

. Learned to never underestimate my child

. Learned that 5 min of them quiet can be world war 3 anywhere in the house

. Learned that going to the loo, bathing and anything I once did alone is now a group effort

. Learned that both children must always have the exactly same thing, coloured cups or plates, toys or any special gift as they always want what the others got

. Learned that you never fight with a 3 year old you always come out second best

. Learned to pick my battles wisely and only enforce what is totally necessary

. Learned that if they want to wear the same shirt three days in a row a night is just enough to do an entire load of washing and dry it

. Learned that doesn’t matter how hard you try they will always find the carrot

. Learned that sugar is evil even the smallest amount

. Learned that the broom is my best friend

. Learned that the word no can cause catastrophic reactions

. Learned to never leave scissors, cream or anything quite so appealing unattended or the three year old unattended

. Learned that no matter what I always have extra hands trying to help fix up “mess”

. Learned to be the best negotiator ever

. Learned that no never really means no

.Learned that as a mom you’re never allowed to be sick or that nothing changes when you are

I’ve learned that no matter what I will always have 2 of my biggest fans right beside me and whenever I need a pick me up I can have unconditional love, hugs and kisses,

That dishes can wait and no matter how hard you try there will always be a mess somewhere in the house,

I too have learnt that I can do everything perfectly one day and the next the exact same thing is just wrong,

I sometimes doubt myself and question my efforts as a mom, thinking I’m the cause of certain problems but then realize they are exploring, learning and testing boundaries too.

I’ve learnt to embrace every single one of these things looking back and learnt to laugh and remember those days as they pass so quickly and I’ll be longing for the day my toddler did something I thought was atrocious instead of waiting up till 2 am for them to come home.

I hope all these collection of memories build us up to handle what is coming….

I’ve learnt that since becoming a mom you can’t take things too seriously and sometimes shit happens excuse the pun,

Motherhood ain’t for sissies and I’m a better person for it !!

So much more to come and embrace❤️

Warm wishes all xxxx

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