Lost my faith in humanity

Becoming a parent is probably a feeling only one who is a parent can explain and understand.

From the day that child arrives you swear to protect them till the day you die. Trust me I know my children are not angels but anyone ever lay their hand on my child I’ll kill.

In recent news here in South Africa we’ve been told a women is raped every 3 seconds. A child is abused every 5 and the list continues, but when you put the two together and statistics start making headlines of children being raped my blood boils.

A story we’ve all been following has really taken Centre stage this week, although this hideous act is being committed more than we know terrifies me. In the rural areas I know this happens a lot and some stories don’t even make the news and it starts to become the norm. But please someone tell me HOW can one have such sick thoughts about a child,thoughts that many have put into action. It sickens me to the thought.

This recent story has hit home as I watch my beautiful little girl grow. How many of us moms frequent our neighborhood restaurants without even thinking twice. At age 6 we are teaching our kids to be independent and do a lot on their own, Now we can’t even do that.

How a vile, evil spawn may sit just in front of them watching our children like prey and awaiting their chance to attack.

We had to be tortured with pictures of children being kidnapped and sold on the child trafficking market, now pictures of this recent event actually keeps me up.

An innocent 6 year old girl attends to the bathroom and gets snatched from the ladies and violently raped in the men’s bathroom where her attacker knew deep down he would get caught how would he not, and he didn’t care any way his urge was so strong that he forces a 6 year old baby child to have sex and leaves her broken, shivering, naked and bleeding from the groin. What kind of animal is surfacing into our society, and was this his first?

He should have died that day as many civilians tried to kill him, I know in all honesty I would have. My husband and I cannot even discuss the topic as he says to me how this only infuriates him and how he would shoot to kill.

How could one keep this man alive? Although I don’t think it will be for very long. I pray he feels the wrath of the Lords vengeance against him not even God would give penance. I know his justice will come. But this does not bring this beautiful child’s innocence back.

He’s scarred her emotionally and physically as well as physiologically for the rest of her life. Trust she will never have. Trust in a man she will never learn. Fear, guilt pain are all these things she will suffer more intensely the older she gets.

How I wish circumstances were different as I watch my beautiful children and feel so blessed to have them healthy and happy and unaware of the filth in this world.

Yes they need to be aware but at 6 how do you explain to a child the means of these circumstances and the severity of going to bathrooms alone.

It just sickens and saddens me that this poor family have suffered this ordeal and it’s just the beginning.

Hold onto your children safely there are predators everywhere even when we think we are safe we are not.

Praying Gods protective hands heal as much as they can to all those who have suffered from circumstances like this and can only pray he will keep mine safe.

Holding onto my children tonight I have never been more thankful and blessed.

Take care all xx

Warm wishes xxx

2 thoughts on “Lost my faith in humanity

  1. Not enough is done in this country to remove these sub humans from society. Child rape and murder is on the increase and should not be tolerated at all. Nobody can tell me that this 21 year old did not show paedefile symptons before. Over and over we get told from these people that they cannot help themselves and want to be caught. Their names and addresses must be publically published. If the death penalty cannot be brought back on these cases, the only saving grace we as citizens of this country can have is that he will be raped in jail.


    1. Agree completely we need what America has that we know where the sex offenders live and for restaurants to be more vigilant he didn’t even order anything ??? He wanted to be caught I hope justice is served


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