Family is important

Feeling low? Where do you go? Feeling happy? Who do you tell first? Exciting news? Who do you call? A shoulder to cry on? Who is there ?


It’s just amazing to me to know that no matter what there are those few people my family members who will always be there for me,

That’s inspired me to even tattoo it onto my body

Famiglia prima e per sempre

Family first and forever

They get me

It’s not often that someone gets you the way your family does, yes they’ve known you your whole life but no matter what they get you! It’s comforting to know when you’ve had a day where you feel no one understands you that you can come home and the people you share your home with understand or try to understand you.

Your husband becomes family

When I feel no one knows what I’m going through and my mom and dad are too far to talk to I know there’s one person who backs me up no matter what, that’s my husband. He may at times disagree with my thoughts and actions at times but no matter what takes my side, builds me up and reassures me that everything will be ok. It’s important more than ever that the relationship with your spouse becomes the strongest as they become your family. I couldn’t ask for more when needing the support he’s there, when I’m sad he makes me laugh, when I’m hurt he fixes it this is now my family.

They believe in you

You can spend your whole life trying to prove to others who you are, going through life being supportive to others, trusting those around you wanting to be the best you can be and trying to be there for others. When actually you neglect those closest to you and still they support you. You can try be kind, caring and put your hardest into the relationships and friendships around you but people can walk away and turn off just like that but know your family will always be there. We should only worry what they think. Ask their opinions and strive to make them proud of you. I’ve always tried to be a nice, down to earth person and walk around with my heart on my sleeve, but since I can remember this has only brought me heart ache. Why do we worry so much what others think and feel? Why do so much and gain approval from those who are not in our lives, well that’s just me. I hate people thinking ill of me or that I’m a bad person I guess I do get that from my parents who have taught me to be humble and true no matter what. I pray I can pass this and a thicker skin onto my children.

Family makes us whole

There is nothing better than being in a room and spending time with all my family. The laughs, the stories and just the affection all around I miss having that all the time. As we get older and make our own lives with our own little families it’s hard to let go of where we were. Time waits for no one and making each day count is the important thing.

Family has made me who I am today and made my children who they are today.

Grandparents are important

Growing up I never spent the time I should have with my grand parents. As we lived in different areas our time together was not like what my children have with their grand parents. I’ve seen what an impact my parents and in laws have on my children and again am so blessed to have them in our lives. When life changes and it’s time for our parents to live their lives after giving us everything it’s hard to accept them not being in our lives day in and day out. I miss the fact that being with my parents every weekend we could watch the kids and share our weekly stories and it feels as if we’ve all had these children not just my husband and I. I pray I will be just as close to my children as they get older and to apart of their lives every step of the way to.

Making new memories

Bringing two people together in marriage and starting a family is very difficult at times. As two different childhoods are being combined and creating a new generation. There are no right or wrong ways but trusting in each other is the only way to go. Even though all I have are my fond childhood memories it’s important now to create those for my children and becoming a strong family unit with the four of us is what matters.

Yes I wish I had a sister that was my best friend and we spent all our time together but your siblings should always be there for another no matter the circumstances . I pray my little pigeon pair don’t grow apart when they are older when their commonality changes. I pray they count each other into everything they do as there is nothing better than having a sibling as your biggest fan and best friend.

The few friends become family

Yes as we grow older and meet those we have things in common with there are the very few friends who actually become family. It’s important to keep these friendships strong as the support and extra love and care is never enough. Having those special few that too support you and your family are just as important as your immediate family. We may not have many but the few we have are our family.

Life is family

I think it’s very important to instill family time as your children get older. That they know every Sunday is our special time together no matter what from now until they have their own families.

One thing I’ve been blessed to have is a family and a home that has positively impacted my life and made me the person and mom I am today.

Be good to those who love you, as they are all that matters !!!!

Warm wishes xxx

2 thoughts on “Family is important

  1. We often forget how blessed we are to have such a close, caring and special family, from both sides of our children’s spouses. Not many people can say that their daughters or son-in-laws are just like their own blood children and the feelings are mutual. As moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and great grandparents all make up this family unity, it must also be noted that each one has their individual roles to play in making up this family bond. It must also be noted that once you are married and have children, this is the most important family unit that exists and all the rest comes second. I can truly say that my husband and I are truly blessed to be alive and still able to spend quality time with our children and grandchildren. I hope that our nurturing, caring and support does shape our grandchildren’s little minds positively.. It is such a wonderful feeling when they keep on asking how we are and are honestly happy to see us when we can be there. I can also say that we are truly blessed that our children have grown up to be wonderful role models to others and hope that they themselves recognise how important they are towards their spouses and children.


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