Hope you’re doing it right

Being a mom we have many anxieties that creep up on us each day.

We remember all the things we’ve learnt all the advices given but there is only one way and that’s your way.

But, are we doing right,

I just hope and pray that one day I’ve made two little people into adults that have all the tools to cope in our big bad world.

I often think to myself I just hope the way we parent and do things is the right way for them.

I can only but try to instill humility, braveness, strength, compassion, love, loyalty, and drive to succeed for them. I will be so proud of them No matter what but to build these qualities into them that one day they can pass onto their children is my goal.

I pray they are successful and happy at the same time that they find balance in everything and most importantly that they live a life that makes them feel fulfilled.

I will not look forward to the day I have to let them go but mabey when they’re like 50 I’ll think about it.

Parenting is one of the biggest challenges two people face together but one of the most rewarding.

Holding on for as long as I can is something I will do,

Letting go slowly is what I’m working on,

Loving and appreciating every second we have together is what we are grateful for now!!!

Love each and every stage, it goes so fast 🌈

Warm wishes xxx

2 thoughts on “Hope you’re doing it right

  1. So true, a parents whole life revolves around their children and does not stop even when they leave home. Once you experience the empty nest syndrome, you may feel that something is missing, like a part of your anatomy, but once you settle down and understand you have more me time now, slowly you delve into other interests, hobbies and enjoy making decisions that only affect you and your spouse. This time also allows you to take a step back and be proud of what you have achieved as parents in raising your children and to see how far they have come in life.


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