Fathers are just as important

Being a women we naturally take the lead role when it comes to parenting, it’s just easier and sometimes we kind of just do it better 😜

Finding balance

Ever since I was a child I’ve come from a home where my father has always been a very active part in our childhood and growing up. I never expected anything less from my husband. Bringing two different childhoods into a marriage and into parenthood can be at times somewhat difficult.

Where my father was extremely hands on my spouses father was the family’s soul provider and worked very long, hard hours often not being able to be very hands on.

Now finding common ground with both paths coming together has been challenging, but in saying that has also showed us the pros and cons to both.

My husband has longed to be with his family as often he is the one working long hours being our family’s sole provider and him working does not mean he doesn’t want to be with us it’s was so that I could be with my children. To find balance has been important. Giving my husband a family has opened his heart and eyes to show him what is important and what counts in life. This is what has led to him making those important choices in business to work smart so all these things he can enjoy with us and not just hear about.

It’s also changed families and friends perceptions of him as often people do not see actually why the man does what he does but as men grow they mature and once they become fathers they realize exactly what is important in life.

My husband has always been an amazing father and I can see it more and more the older my children get.

Dads are often the more fun parent as well as the more patient parent.

This I don’t mind as it makes my heart grow and burst with love to watch my children with their father.

Men grow and mature when they become fathers

Before there was only us to worry about and being two adults we separately and together could fend and take care of ourselves. Fast forward a couple of years and all of that has changed. Now being responsible for another two lives forever has a greater impact than we know.

I often feel as I carry the burden of our family by being mom, having the responsibility not only for the children but our home too, but taking a back seat and actually thinking about it it’s the teeny tiniest things compared to the burdens a man or my man goes to sleep worrying about.

Our children’s well being their future their education everything monitory as well as their physical and emotional development is what my spouse is continually contributing too. That is why when it comes to our children I do as much as I can even though our household is 50/50 if it’s something I can do I do it. I don’t expect my husband to do extra chores and things after along days work. He enjoys playing with the children and bonding with them during this time and if I’m able to make this happen as well as help and contribute 100 % to everything else I’ll do it it’s actually the very least I can do and it makes me feel good to know I am contributing somewhere.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom and if I can find ways to help out everywhere else so I can be a mom I do it. I love being with my children and to know now this is my main responsibility is all I’ve wanted. With being able to do little by little contribute financially by doing my own things has been a blessing in disguise.

Dads role

Having a pigeon pair my spouse role is very different to both my children.

He is there to show my son how to be a man and treat women and girls and he’s there to show my daughter how she should be treated and how not to take anything less than the best.

A fathers role I feel actually is much more important than a moms.

Later this shapes our little people into the adults they become.

Where I nurture and create humility my spouse adds to their spontaneous side, giving them the tools to be strong, brave and adventurous in life.

Dads know best

We both have our strengths as parents and do a lot of the decision making together when it’s regarding our children.

It’s important to have that input from someone to have that support and to have someone to agree and also disagree with.

Becoming a father has definitely brought out the softer side in my spouse. There is nothing more rewarding than watching the 3 of them together.

I love seeing the influences he brings into my children and also his harder qualities I see in them to which is where mamma comes in to soften that.

But at the end of the day, DAD is their best friend and the continuous effort I see in them to please dad and make him proud makes me happy to know there are many things he’s given them that i just couldn’t.

It breaks my heart to see families that don’t have this important figure in them to guide them or that have a dad who cant or won’t fulfill their role as a father.

I’m blessed to know that my spouse actually has become the man he is today because of his children and the four of us are a team that no one can break.

Blessed beyond, there are just certain things dads do better and I can admit that. Well done to all those dads who take an active role in their children’s lives, not because you’re giving your wife a break, or because she asked you to but because you are dad and you know what it takes to be a father.

Best wishes all xxx

2 thoughts on “Fathers are just as important

  1. Fatherhood is a a very important milestone in a husband’s life. Not only does it put additional pressure on providing just for a wife, but having the added responsibility for children which changes the choices he makes immediately rather than going through life at a normal pace. It is very important to also have an authoritarion figure in the household because as mom spends more time than dad with the children, they intend to take their mom for granted and take advantage of her when it comes to discipline. But after saying this it does not mean that dad can’t have fun and informative times with his children. I think that this balance is crucial to obtain. Also, not all fathers have the luxury of being more involved in the day to day raising of their children, so when he comes home after a long day’s work, all he wants to do is spoil his kids and spend quality time with them.


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