Bullying is real

My post today is related to an article I read.

How bullying is real and rife and since social media become even more rife.

We’ve all had the school days where we were made fun of for some or another reason.

School for me particularly was somewhat like that. Mabey only from grade 7 did it become real that there were bullies out there but back then we may have thought it was just girls being girls??? Mabey that’s where most of my anxiety as an adult has come from. Leaving school you realize that those people who kept bringing you down do not matter and that you are in charge of your own destiny, that’s easier said until I read about bullying from such a young age of 6 and a little girl is hospitalized for anxiety from age 6 WTF????

Do we live in such a cruel world that the people who supervise these situations who are supposed to be trained to watch out for this cannot and have become part of the problem!

I taught preschool for many years and yes kids can be nasty!

But there are certain things you can teach your children to brush off and be strong and grow from.

Every child like every adult is not going to immediately get along and that’s ok. Is it wrong for us to make our children be friends with everyone ?? Especially if it’s with someone they do not like. No it’s not right but tolerance is. Yes I may not like everyone I come across but being respectful and tolerant of someone costs nothing.

I think this is what we should be teaching our children. I listen to my kids and their moans and yes if I hear the same moans day in and day out and if it’s physically and emotionally affecting my child I will step in but if its the usual “mommy he’s being ugly” or “mommy so and so doesn’t want to be my friend” I will encourage my child to be strong and find someone else to spend their time with. I will only get involved if it is physical or emotionally affecting my child.

But when I read stories of a 6 year old child being broken by those around her bullying her emotionally and no one stands up for her that makes me feel so sad that this is the world we growing in.

I feel at age 6 your life should be nothing short of happiness no stress no worries and here we have a little girl which I still consider her mommies baby being treated for emotional abuse and anxiety disorder at 6 this is just so so sad.

I pray all those involved can see where they are and recognize their faults.

I also do pray that my teachings with my own children stick and that they will always be those to protect the under dog and if are the underdog are strong enough to always communicate with me and me to make them strong to get through anything.

The world is a scary place and with the way technology is going there is so much more out there to Crush and destroy our children.

I can only pray that those affected are helped and are able to get through their situations and that my children are never apart of anything that hurts others or that they become a victim of it either.

Be good to those around you. It’s free to smile and be kind and costs nothing to be respectful and humble to those who cross your paths even those who are mean to you.

Teach our children to see the good in people and those that are different to look at them as something special not weird. To love all types big,small,weird freaky,tall,short,beautiful and ugly those are only perceptions of the observer it’s important to teach our children no matter what our differences; inside is what counts and is the most important.

If our youth grows learning the proper respectful ways our world will change for the better ❤️

Help those who look up to you. Be an example that they will be proud of. Stop bullying once and for all or be apart of the moment of prevention.

Warm wishes xxx

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