Accepting disappointment

Being an adult it’s hard enough to accept things we cannot change or that when things change to accept them but then how do we explain this to our children.

As disappointment is a fact of life and is going to happen alot it’s important to expose our children to these these things.

Allow them to understand when you’re disappointed and also to help them understand there’s nothing wrong with feeling disappointed that life happens and tom the sun will shine again.

It’s hard to disappoint those we love or to have that feeling when something has not gone our way.

It’s also important I feel that we don’t take this away from our children so that they learn to cope when it does happen.

As we plan our lives through bookings and appointments not always are things going to do smoothly or sometimes at all.

Life is so unpredictable we need to try not plan so much and let life happen.

That’s rich coming from me as I’m a type A personality and plan every second of my day. But I feel this also is what causes my anxiety and when things don’t go according to plan it upsets us.

I’ve become a lot less stressed about planning my entire life and let things happen which has undoubtedly reduced me being disappointed by far.

It’s as well said about people and friends and people you know too.

The less you expect the less you can be disappointed and upset when things don’t follow through.

This is what I’m trying to teach my kids. Just because someone said something doesn’t mean it’s always going to happen like that. But to encourage them to stick to their word and when they promise something and to follow through.

These learning curbs can be tricky but are so needed when you’re an adult in the big bad world.

When you expect less from people and don’t expect what you give then getting hurt and let down is brought to a minimum. Learn to protect your heart and your feelings first.

Just a little thought as we head into the weekend.

Stay well xxx

One thought on “Accepting disappointment

  1. It is very difficult to stay positive when you are either disappointed with someone or something that has happened. Children must be aware that life is not just a bed of roses and there are going to be times when they are going to be disappointed by their friends or something that happens to them. Helping them understand this feeling and handle it is easier said than done. I myself do not want to see my children and grandchildren being put in a situation when they are experiencing disappointment. It is enevitably going to happen a lot when life throws you those curve balls and all you must do is be there and support your children as much as possible.

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