Children are a blessing

I find when I sit back and observe my day there are so many little things during the day I wish I could pause and capture for life….

…… there are also many things I wonder why it happened that way and how can I change my reactions to certain circumstances.

Having a 6 week break with my children is probably the biggest blessing I can have at the same time 6 weeks with them not being apart and dad working throughout the holidays can be somewhat testing at times.

Parenthood is def not peaches and cream all the time. I think the key is to find balance and to find things that can stimulate the kids at home.

My son enjoys LEGO building and can build for hours on end.

My daughter loves playing in her room with her dolls and toys.

This is a blessing for me as I know they’re not stuck infront of the tv all day and they are exploring and learning all by themselves.

Spending this time with them makes me realize the next time I’ll have these 6 weeks again they’ll be a whole year older.

Time waits for no one and as challenging as some days may be it’s a blessing being alive and well enough and able to have these moments with my children.

Hope you’ve all survived the break and enjoy a new beautiful year with your blessings ❤️