Being a mom is hefty work

So of course going through pregnancy our bodies change so much.

First time around I did everything right. I ate the right foods I exercised I drank water and looked after my skin. I only put on 9 kg with my son and after he was born I lost 7kg straight away and another 4 a week later. I was back even below my starting weight of pregnancy. But little did I know bout all the evil things to come by being a mom.

First when you’re breastfeeding you’re starving so you’re still eating for two not always the ideal to loosing weight.

When baby starts solids you’re constantly tasting their food is it too hot is it too cold even found myself having a few spoons.

Once they hit toddler stage it’s always nice to have a few sweet treats in the house, which in fact become you when you hit a low.

And when they don’t finish their food it’s either mom or dad who do as wasting is not an option. Eeek how do you stay trim when all this consumes your everyday.

Now second pregnancy I put on double hitting a very uncomfortable weight but I did it all wrong, my cravings were many and were sweet no wonder my daughter has such a sweet tooth. Carbs were the flavor of the day and because running after a toddler and working as well as being 8 months pregnant is not enough trust me my exercise routine and me time went out the window.

So I think to myself WHAT is my excuse now.

It’s actually sticking to something. I know what’s good to eat and what’s not but meal prep is hard work although being at home I should have no excuse except at times it can be very costly. So looking into getting healthy food packs or just learning to tell yourself NO.

Having some restraint I was so good and disciplined before I had kids. Now I end up snacking on all the wrong things. And loosing weight and staying in shape is becoming an up hill battle.

I’ve upped my exercise tried to cut down on unhealthy foods we don’t drink during the week so alcohol is not the problem. What can it be. Can it be the older I’m getting my body and hormones are just at a point of working against me.

Well I think the first thing is to make a choice and when started to stay consistent but not to be too restricted that you land up throwing it all away. It’s true what they say you are what you eat and 70% is diet and only 30% is exercise so making that choice to start and not go back needs to be a change the whole family can join in.

Cutting out sugar is going to be the first thing we do.

Sugar is a secret killer we all know that but it’s so so hard to resist.

Baby baby steps

Finding a plan that suits you and your body type is A the first step to make doing a little research also is a good thing.

Going natural and back to to basics veggies and fruit and cooking with new and exciting fresh foods and tastes.

That’s a tall order when the day is near over and the kitchen calls but a choice for the family you have to make.

Let’s see what happens when mind and body try to stay as one.

It’s def going to be a long journey but I know one that’s the best to take.

Wish us luck xxx