Starting again

So basically when you become a mom you become second best, we tend to loose ourselves a little and don’t get that extra ME time we had before our lives were full up with our blessings.

It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and no matter how hard you try to stay on track its even harder.

Before I had kids I had the determination and control like a super human now I can’t even get passed day 3 of my diet without completely folding.

So what is the trick, how do we do all of this and still be a great mom and wife and for many others excel in their work career and studies ??

Self control needs to be restored.

Staring again does not mean failure it merely means starting over you’ve put today and yesterday behind you without beating yourself up about it.

I’m going to be determined this time. There are so many inspirations out there so I think first and foremost find your inspiration what drives you what will help you succeed and not give up.

Once you have the itch to get started set yourself realistic goals ones that are challenging yet achievable, get help for this if you’re not 100% sure what is right for you.

Next you need a wonderful support system, a husband to join the band wagon with you a friend to go walking with or a sister to help you when you are craving.

Introduce the new healthy ways into your everyday family life. It’s so much easier when everyone is eating the same as well as less tempting.

If you’re not quite clued up seek help from a professional we are always more likely to succeed once we’ve paid for a meal plan or exercise plan or are more likely to do our exercise if we have hired a trainer.

These things are costly but to get your butt into gear in the beginning it’s worth it.

I am doing exactly this and hope I have the self determination not to give up as I know the rewards are huge.

Find the time and set this as a priority try juggle things around with your partner or friend to get you that 1 hour a day where you can get out and exercise wether it’s walking in the fresh air or sweating it out on the gym.

Make sure you’re not hard on yourself. Everyone falls and fails at some point the test is how you come back and carry on.

This is what I tell myself all the time. Baby steps and although results may take longer than you anticipated there is no quick fix to feeling more energetic and being healthier smaller and happier. It takes time.

Let’s go on this journey together I’ll start updating each day or at the end of the week on my progress and if I can do it anyone can.

I will receive my plan and exercise schedule soon but until then I need to clean out and try get a head start.

So until the next update good luck all wish me luck I’m going to start a whole new me for me.

Best wishes xx