Running with music in your ear

So this mom has been busy. I have not written in months but always have the need to write.

It’s like wanting to do something you know can wait but you never get around to doing it.

For the past three months I’ve been trying to eat clean and exercise regularly.

It’s much harder than anticipated and seems so easy when you plan it.

But to actually get down to doing it takes will power and determination.

Until I realized how amazing it is to be out there on the road with music in your ear.

I always add in a run/jog into my weekly routine to get out there and inhale the fresh air. One exercise I always feel great after.

Recently I set myself up a playlist for my walk.

Not only was it such fun listening to all my old favorites but running with music reminded me of a movie montage, like if life was a music montage what would yours be?

It made my run effortless and it went so fast.

It’s true what they say that music definitely resinates with the soul. It passes off endorphins aswell which all positively effects your brain and body.

Whilst going through this music montage it gives you a chance to see life differently evaluate where you are and pretty much where you wanna go.

It gives you time to think and take a few moments for yourself one that’s hard to do at home.

Even though I love being surrounded by my beautiful children and could not imagine a second without them having those minutes or hour to yourself can kickstart a happy mood all day ❤️

If there’s anything you wanna try do it you won’t look back.

Now to keep it up and try fit as many sessions into my week as I can.

Time to let loose and think free ….

So come get out there

Best wishes xxx