Raising a strong willed child is not for sissies

Omg …..

It’s been so long since I’ve written,

Busy raising a family and still trying to be the best you can be is not for the faint hearted.

I read a meme the other day saying ;

“I’m raising a fierce, strong independent women but first I need to survive her.”

Isn’t this true. Omg my 5 year old daughter is going on for 16. I’m petrified of what she’s going to be like at 16. When I look at her I cannot hold back the tears as the love I have for her is so overwhelming in the same breath I can go bat shit crazy at her and close to putting her up for sale.

What is it that they do to us. My child hates the word no and actually can be in tears right away when she cannot get what she wants. I do blame myself for this as she’s has gotten what she wants. Trying to be the best parent I can we always try and spoil our children within means. Not to mention she is my best friend and we feel this parent guilt to give them what their heart desires.

How do we change this though? How do I get through teaching her to be humble and independent and self confident. I run my ass off taking her to all different extra murals to challenge and stimulate her so she’s not stuck at home watching tv. Do you think we get noddy badge for this?

Whereas my eldest is so much more appreciative. Mabey it’s an age thing? I’m hoping it’s an age thing because the stubborn times are killing. I would honestly do everything to give my children all I wish I had but I feel I’m doing them an injustice too.

Slowly I’m trying to explain the importance of everything in life and making my youngest see she can’t just get what she wants she actually needs to work for it. It’s a job in itself actually.

As a parent I know my ways and methods are not the best. It’s the only way I know though. It’s tough raising children in today’s world and still trying to be their everything.

I know we should not be their friends as we are the parents and this line gets crossed so often in our household.

I just want my kids to respect me and love me the way I do them. And we do have so much love in our home and there are those times where I can sit and explain all and my youngest gets it, but then we have our days where I think to myself what did I do wrong?

I’m just so scared of raising little brats that expect the world.

I know the answer lays in me. Stop giving in. Stay consistent with the boundaries I’ve set and punishment is a good thing.

Try and find things that they love doing which involves all of us as a unit.

But how do you get a 5 year old to understand this. Or that no is no. She cannot take the word no and then that evil brat raises its horns again. Mabey I should try explaining why I’m saying no and why it’s not possible to do or get what she’s asking. Wow wee I know in our day we sat we were quiet and did what we were told.

We definitely need a rule book in raising children today.

Slowly but surely I know we will get there and using a little bit of tough love is what’s in order.

Check back in ten years and let’s see how it’s worked.

Scared of what lies ahead but everything in between I’ve loved it’s moulding these little personalities and characters that’s the tough job. I never want to break my daughters spirit but it needs moulding.

Good luck moms raising girls is not for sissies …..